Summer Fun & Happy Independence Day!!!!!

First off we would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe Independence Day! We will be celebrating gymnastics style – handstands of course!

~~ We will also be closed July 3rd & 4th ~~

Summer is finally here in full force, with the heat waves becoming more intense as the weeks pass. People are gradually spending more time outside, and certainly so are we here at Craft-E-Family. With acres of land surrounding our workshop, it’s hard to not take evening walks after the workday is over or during a lunch break when it’s beautiful outside. In our free time, we occasionally take our gator out for a ride or fish at my parent’s ponds. As we watch people come outside, we also see the little ones running through the grass and marveling over the critters. We know firsthand from LeeLoo and our nieces and nephews that children love to catch bugs, so that’s why we created our bug box. Personalized with the child’s name across the lid, it’s perfect for catching whatever small critters they find, whether it’s grasshoppers, ladybugs, or even lizards.

This summer, LeeLoo has shown a preference to stay indoors where she can be more creative. She loves to draw on her computer and iPad or in her sketch books, and she loves to show some creativity when it comes to cooking. Being artsy seems to be her top priority, so we know just what it is like to have pencils and crayons lying around the house. That’s one of the main reasons why we created the crayon holder. Not only does it display the child’s or adult’s name across the front in brightly colored letters, but it also works as a cute display that will encourage kids to put their crayons up when they’re done! It’s like a piece of art standing by to create more works of art.

Whatever you and your family decide to do this summer, we want to be here to help you enjoy it. We also offer sports frames and customizable frames that are perfect for displaying vacation photos. Though there aren’t as many holidays in the summer as there are in the fall and winter, it is still a wonderful season to celebrate and to enjoy more relaxed times.

Until next time Keep it Craft-E!

Wedding & Anniversary Season is Upon US!

With the weather finally starting to be consistently warm, wedding season is in full gear. If you’re in a young age group, you might be in a wedding and you might be invited to attend even more. In our years of operating this business, we’ve heard so many people say that our Wedding Block is a perfect gift for the occasion along with a gift certificate or cash. This block ensures that the information is never forgotten as it is engraved with the full names of the lovely couple, along with the date, time, city, state, and specific location of the wedding. I know – what kind of girl doesn’t remember the details of her own wedding! But this is me, and I’m sure there are others out there who also get caught up in the whirlwind of life. After 20 years, it’s hard not too! This block helps to keep the couple out of trouble when the anniversaries roll around, and it’s a great way for the newlyweds to start their new family – and perhaps a family of blocks. A more personalized way to commemorate the big day is with our 4-block frame. Not only can you have the wedding date and names engraved onto the blocks, but you can also include 2 pictures from the wedding to give a visual reminder of the wonderful day. In addition to this frame, we also sell a wedding frame that has the couple’s first names, the year of the wedding, and the last initial. If you are looking for something different, we can create personalized coasters for weddings and for wedding favors! If you just email us with what you’re looking for and the quantity, we will give you a quote and artwork to review.  This is a wedding favor one we just did and it’s so cute we had to share it 🙂
As you may have caught on earlier, Cory and I will be celebrating 20 years this year and so will many of our friends. Because of this, we are already starting to get geared up for the big 25th anniversary and thinking about getting our friends some blocks or milestone coasters to commemorate the fact we’ve made it this far! For the couples who have children and are celebrating their anniversary soon, we have the Personalized Anniversary Block that we engrave with the name of the couple, name of the church, name of their children, and the date, time, and location of the wedding. We’re thinking some coasters and a good beer or wine will be great presents for our friends – simple but meaningful!

Another product we are getting ready to release is our Anniversary Frame, I worked with a customer last year to develop it and thought it would be a really neat idea with either the wedding picture in it or one from an anniversary party!  Until I have it on the website just e-mail me if you’re in need of one!

Until next time, Keep It Craft E!

Family Day and Father’s Day

Perhaps the biggest holiday for my family is our Forever Family Day, which is on June 13th. This year will be our 12th year, and Miss LeeLoo has grown by leaps and bounds. She has already passed me in height as she is now over 5 feet tall, she turned 13 earlier in the year, and she will be starting 8th grade in the fall! She’s become such a smart young girl and is quite the artist. This year she made the Junior National Honor Society with a 4.0 GPA and won 1st place in a local art show. It’s crazy to realize how much she has grown right in front of our eyes in these last 12 years. Occasionally I’ll look at her adoption block, and it seems like just yesterday we were in China getting ready to meet our daughter. On our adoption block, we include the child’s full name, date and location of birth, the names of the parents, and the adoption date. We can also create a personalized Baby Block Picture Frame, which includes a small 2-D block in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame that includes the name, first initial, and birth information of the baby. This way, you can have a picture of the newborn right beside all of his or her information!

Of course, we cannot forget to celebrate the dads! Father’s Day (June 18th this year) is the day when we celebrate dear old Dad and all he has done for us. My dad taught me many things over the years, such as how to catch and clean fish, how to build things here in the workshop, and how to get out of mowing grass – just mow down Mom’s flowers every spring and you’re done for the summer! As LeeLoo grows up, I love watching how she and Cory interact. He has been helping her with math, helping her build her new kitten a “poopy palace,” and teaching her to mow grass. I’m just dreading the teaching her to drive a car! Usually for Father’s Day, Cory is happy with some craft beer, but once she starts driving it will probably be bumped up to a keg of craft beer! But for now, we’ll stick with some bottles and coasters. Cory has actually made custom coasters that say Gold Creek Brewery on them, as he has high hopes to one day have his own brewery. As for our customers, we have done quite a few custom coasters around Father’s Day for man caves. Just e-mail us at to start your custom coasters! In our book, custom coasters always get brownie points. However, if you already have numerous coasters lying around the house, we can make Father’s Day frames, including the 4-block frame we mentioned for Mother’s Day! Just find a couple pictures that captures great memories of dad with the kid(s) and create the frame. No matter what you pick, Dad will be one happy man on Father’s Day when he sees how much he is appreciated.


Until next time, Keep It Craft E!

Graduation & Teacher Gifts

A lot of students, especially the little ones, love to get their teachers presents before the end of the school year to show their appreciation. Their teachers make a big impact on their lives, and the ones kids like the most will be remembered for a while! One way to make sure the teacher undoubtedly remembers their student is by getting them a unique, long-lasting gift, such as our Personalized Crayola Holder. The Crayola holder snugly fits every crayon from the 24 pack, which is included, and displays the teacher’s name in colorful letters on its side, doubling as an organizer and cute decoration. It’s perfect for elementary school teachers or art teachers – plus, they’ll know when a crayon is missing! However, if your student is older and no longer really uses crayons, the Teacher Block is a simple but meaningful gift to show your appreciation. You can personalize the block by adding the year, the grade, the teacher’s name, and the school’s name. The block can be engraved or printed, so there’s an option for the classic teachers and the bright teachers.
Other great gifts for teachers are the Bubble Frame and the Countdown Blocks. For the Bubble Frame, you can have the year engraved and put a class picture in it. Or, if you want the teacher to specifically remember your little one when they are valedictorian, you can put a picture of your child and the teacher in it so that way the teacher always remembers how great of a student your child was. As for the Countdown Blocks, this will allow the teacher to create excitement in the classroom by counting down the days till holidays and breaks. The children will love to watch the numbers tick down to summer break!

Of course, we cannot forget the graduates. Their years of high school or college are nearly over, and they are probably more excited for summer to be here than the little kids! All they are thinking about during the last month of school is walking across that stage to get their diploma and heading off to college or their job. But, with the thought of college comes the ever-looming thought of money. We all know that college is expensive nowadays, so we made getting them a memorable gift (that still includes money!) easy. On our Personalized Graduation Block , we engrave the top with the school’s mascot name, and then on the sides, we have the graduate’s name, the date and the school’s location, the school’s name, and the class’s year. You can put it in a cute little bag that’s big enough for it and some cold hard cash to help your graduate out with their expenses. It’s a card and a keepsake to always remember the day!  For the parents you could always go with a Graduation Picture Frame for them to proudly display.


Until next time, Keep It Craft E!


Mother’s Day & Fur Babies

In our opinion, May is one of the most exciting months of the year. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, National Pet Week is the first full week of the month, and school is almost out for summer. Plus, it’s finally warm every day and the outside world is lively again! It’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with parents, children, and pets.
Sometimes, we often wonder if Mother’s Day was strategically placed in the month of May. When moms realize that the school year is almost over, they realize just how quickly their little ones are growing up. Even the new moms, whose children are still so tiny, will see the older kids getting out for summer and will imagine their children among them. It can be stressful and worrisome thinking about their babies growing up. But when we see that dads are ordering moms a Baby Block or our Personalized Block Photo Holder, we can’t be more excited here at CEF – especially if it’s a week or two in advance! We love to see how great dads are, especially when it comes to taking care of moms. They all deserve to know they’re appreciated. The Baby Block is perfect for new moms, and for moms that are more familiar with the job, the Personalized Block Photo Holder is great for displaying photos of what moms do best – loving their children. You can have the blocks engraved with “I ♥ Mommy,” “Love,” or any other phrase to show your appreciation. Then, while we make the frame for you, all you need to do is find the perfect picture. If your mom is a little camera shy or loves to decorate for all occasions, we also have the wonderful Holiday Blocks that spell out Happy Mother’s Day, along with 100 other sayings.

As for the furry ones in our lives, we must remember to cherish them too! We have been running some sample blocks and are so excited to unveil our new Fur Baby Blocks. This block will have an actual picture of your special fur baby on it – all you need to do is email a photo to us. We’ll do all the tweaking to make sure your pet still looks just as cuddly when his picture is printed on the block with our color printer. About 20 years ago we did some pet blocks, but we had problems getting images of the breeds we needed when they were not on the American Kennel Club website. However now, we can put your fur baby on it! There are 3 versions: one for rescues, one for pedigree (you know the DOB and where they are from), and one for a memorial. I personally love this block so much that I’ve already gone through my scrapbooks to find pictures of our previous Dalmatians. Now I can upgrade their blocks from the ones 20 years ago!  PS the samples are my birthday present to my wonderful Sister-In-Law this year!!!  Her kitty and puppy 🙂

Until next time, Keep It Craft E!