Valentine’s and Spring!!!!!

As we turn our calendars away from January and on to February, Valentine’s Day is almost always on our minds. Even though it is a Hallmark Holiday, it is an important holiday to remind you of the people in your life who you love and who love you back. It’s also a great excuse for showing someone how much they mean to you! A few years back, we came up with this cute little personalized block for a customer and it was too adorable not to share. Not only does it last longer than a box of chocolates (what, no one else eats them in five minutes like I do?), but it will be there for years to come as a constant reminder for you or your loved one.

If Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, or if you’re simply an appreciator of cheerful holidays, then you should check out our Facebook page. I have been having a lot of fun playing with our blocks for adults (a.k.a. Holiday Blocks) and this month I had two options. While Valentine’s Day seemed fitting with the personalized blocks, Mardi Gras is only two weeks later. It is a time for celebration and, if you participate in Lent, binge eating any food you might be planning to give up for the month and a half!

The Holiday Blocks are great for any holiday or occasion. Every year, I find something new I can spell with them, as I am sure you do if you own a set. Currently, we are at over 100 sayings with the 17 blocks (yes, there is a cheat sheet for those of us who are too lazy to figure it out on our own). If you’ve displayed any cute saying at your house, snap a picture to send to us! We’d love to hear from you.
February also officially marks the start of yearning for warmer weather, or at least for my family it does. When we finally reach this month, we’re tired of the freezing weather and we’re excited for the lively and colorful spring days ahead. I love going out every year to snap a picture of the first crocus flower that pops up in my yard. I know they can come up when there is snow on the ground; I’ve got a few of those pictures and they tell me spring is on its way! So perhaps it’s a good thing February is such a short month – it means fewer days till spring, and, if you’re an animal lover like me, baby animals! LeeLoo thinks I’m crazy because every time we drive by the farms on the way to and from school I get excited looking at the baby cows (yes, I say moo to them, and yes, if I could I would take them all home with me). LeeLoo’s favorite thing is going to the local farm animal feed store and holding all the baby ducks. We’ve had some as pets before, but due to bad luck (and coyotes) we just hold them and dream.

We are really excited to be thinking about spring, and that is why now is a great time to order our countdown blocks. You guys will be able to count down till spring with us, and, when spring finally arrives, erase the chalkboard and set it for summer!

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