Custom Work – Heck Yeah!

This is a FB post from a long time customer that turned into a really great friend!!!! She did get upset with us for a bit because we wouldn’t name LeeLoo “Little Jennifer” but she’s over that now, I think!

“Since my brother isn’t on fb I can show you all part of his retirement gift we got him. It’s the most awesome gift ever. If you are needing a unique and special gift that is priceless and will be treasured forever….you need to go to and order a block. I have been ordering blocks from them since the 90s and some of you have received blocks for gifts. Here are the pictures of his block. Thank you Karry Ebert for doing such a great job and getting it to me so fast. Love my blockheads!!”

12705269_10153921791511354_7690722321457649649_n 12715337_10153921791631354_6420788658504062092_n


So we took the info that Jennifer provided us and whipped up a really cute retirement block for her to give her brother.  I used the UV printer for the badge because of the small details that I really wanted to show up (even though it’s brown on brown).  The rest of the block we engraved.  Normally our custom work runs $35 due to the fact that it’s separated from our normal production and you will be dealing with reviewing artwork and proofing to make sure we have your info the way you would like it.

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