The End of Summer

Winding down to the end of summer already?  How could that be? Hope everyone had an eventful and fun one.
We actually went on a little vacation, camping just outside Traverse City, Michigan and we highly recommend the city — everyone was wonderful.  We went for a two-hour cruise on the Tall Ship Manitou which was awesome.  Now I want to sail the seven seas — okay maybe have someone sail them for me while I sit there snapping pictures.  Another favorite we found, which was recommended by all, was MOOMERS🍨!!!!  I love the fact that you can eat your ice cream and look at the cows that started it all grazing in the field beside you.  They even have a Flight sampler, much better than beer in mine, LeeLoo’s and Piper’s opinion, maybe not so much in Cory’s 😂. One of my most favorite excursions was Day Dreamer Charter. They were really awesome and Captain Dylan was the best at making sure we caught some Lake Trout and that is a hard task with two 14-year old girls who would prefer to stay back at the campsite and swim – LOL.  Once they pulled in their first fish, though, they were all about it.
Hope everyone had a fun summer and are getting geared up for another school season.  LeeLoo is going to be a Freshman this year 😳
Not sure where the time has gone.
We are hoping to roll out a few more of the TypeFace blocks in the coming weeks. Really, we haven’t been goofing off around here, we were just a little short-handed all summer but are getting caught up now.
Also, for those of you who follow our family’s journey, I wanted to let you know that sadly on Mother’s Day my dad Lloyd, one of our founders, passed away at 85 and a few weeks. We have been spending a lot of free time getting my mom situated and in a routine of taking care of her yard and helping out when she needs it. Thus, we have fallen behind on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and every other darn social media in the world.
But we’re back BABY!!!!!

The New Typeface Baptism Block

Now Available on the website.  I love the new top, yup I’m tooting my own horn here.

The New Typeface Wedding Block

Also now available on the website.  I love the fact that I get to update the artwork on the blocks so I’ve changed the top and eliminated the scroll and went with a happy message for the couple


Summer Fun & Happy Independence Day!!!!!

First off we would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe Independence Day! We will be celebrating gymnastics style – handstands of course!

~~ We will also be closed July 3rd & 4th ~~

Summer is finally here in full force, with the heat waves becoming more intense as the weeks pass. People are gradually spending more time outside, and certainly so are we here at Craft-E-Family. With acres of land surrounding our workshop, it’s hard to not take evening walks after the workday is over or during a lunch break when it’s beautiful outside. In our free time, we occasionally take our gator out for a ride or fish at my parent’s ponds. As we watch people come outside, we also see the little ones running through the grass and marveling over the critters. We know firsthand from LeeLoo and our nieces and nephews that children love to catch bugs, so that’s why we created our bug box. Personalized with the child’s name across the lid, it’s perfect for catching whatever small critters they find, whether it’s grasshoppers, ladybugs, or even lizards.

This summer, LeeLoo has shown a preference to stay indoors where she can be more creative. She loves to draw on her computer and iPad or in her sketch books, and she loves to show some creativity when it comes to cooking. Being artsy seems to be her top priority, so we know just what it is like to have pencils and crayons lying around the house. That’s one of the main reasons why we created the crayon holder. Not only does it display the child’s or adult’s name across the front in brightly colored letters, but it also works as a cute display that will encourage kids to put their crayons up when they’re done! It’s like a piece of art standing by to create more works of art.

Whatever you and your family decide to do this summer, we want to be here to help you enjoy it. We also offer sports frames and customizable frames that are perfect for displaying vacation photos. Though there aren’t as many holidays in the summer as there are in the fall and winter, it is still a wonderful season to celebrate and to enjoy more relaxed times.

Until next time Keep it Craft-E!