Graduation & Teacher Gifts

A lot of students, especially the little ones, love to get their teachers presents before the end of the school year to show their appreciation. Their teachers make a big impact on their lives, and the ones kids like the most will be remembered for a while! One way to make sure the teacher undoubtedly remembers their student is by getting them a unique, long-lasting gift, such as our Personalized Crayola Holder. The Crayola holder snugly fits every crayon from the 24 pack, which is included, and displays the teacher’s name in colorful letters on its side, doubling as an organizer and cute decoration. It’s perfect for elementary school teachers or art teachers – plus, they’ll know when a crayon is missing! However, if your student is older and no longer really uses crayons, the Teacher Block is a simple but meaningful gift to show your appreciation. You can personalize the block by adding the year, the grade, the teacher’s name, and the school’s name. The block can be engraved or printed, so there’s an option for the classic teachers and the bright teachers.
Other great gifts for teachers are the Bubble Frame and the Countdown Blocks. For the Bubble Frame, you can have the year engraved and put a class picture in it. Or, if you want the teacher to specifically remember your little one when they are valedictorian, you can put a picture of your child and the teacher in it so that way the teacher always remembers how great of a student your child was. As for the Countdown Blocks, this will allow the teacher to create excitement in the classroom by counting down the days till holidays and breaks. The children will love to watch the numbers tick down to summer break!

Of course, we cannot forget the graduates. Their years of high school or college are nearly over, and they are probably more excited for summer to be here than the little kids! All they are thinking about during the last month of school is walking across that stage to get their diploma and heading off to college or their job. But, with the thought of college comes the ever-looming thought of money. We all know that college is expensive nowadays, so we made getting them a memorable gift (that still includes money!) easy. On our Personalized Graduation Block , we engrave the top with the school’s mascot name, and then on the sides, we have the graduate’s name, the date and the school’s location, the school’s name, and the class’s year. You can put it in a cute little bag that’s big enough for it and some cold hard cash to help your graduate out with their expenses. It’s a card and a keepsake to always remember the day!  For the parents you could always go with a Graduation Picture Frame for them to proudly display.


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Mother’s Day & Fur Babies

In our opinion, May is one of the most exciting months of the year. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, National Pet Week is the first full week of the month, and school is almost out for summer. Plus, it’s finally warm every day and the outside world is lively again! It’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with parents, children, and pets.
Sometimes, we often wonder if Mother’s Day was strategically placed in the month of May. When moms realize that the school year is almost over, they realize just how quickly their little ones are growing up. Even the new moms, whose children are still so tiny, will see the older kids getting out for summer and will imagine their children among them. It can be stressful and worrisome thinking about their babies growing up. But when we see that dads are ordering moms a Baby Block or our Personalized Block Photo Holder, we can’t be more excited here at CEF – especially if it’s a week or two in advance! We love to see how great dads are, especially when it comes to taking care of moms. They all deserve to know they’re appreciated. The Baby Block is perfect for new moms, and for moms that are more familiar with the job, the Personalized Block Photo Holder is great for displaying photos of what moms do best – loving their children. You can have the blocks engraved with “I ♥ Mommy,” “Love,” or any other phrase to show your appreciation. Then, while we make the frame for you, all you need to do is find the perfect picture. If your mom is a little camera shy or loves to decorate for all occasions, we also have the wonderful Holiday Blocks that spell out Happy Mother’s Day, along with 100 other sayings.

As for the furry ones in our lives, we must remember to cherish them too! We have been running some sample blocks and are so excited to unveil our new Fur Baby Blocks. This block will have an actual picture of your special fur baby on it – all you need to do is email a photo to us. We’ll do all the tweaking to make sure your pet still looks just as cuddly when his picture is printed on the block with our color printer. About 20 years ago we did some pet blocks, but we had problems getting images of the breeds we needed when they were not on the American Kennel Club website. However now, we can put your fur baby on it! There are 3 versions: one for rescues, one for pedigree (you know the DOB and where they are from), and one for a memorial. I personally love this block so much that I’ve already gone through my scrapbooks to find pictures of our previous Dalmatians. Now I can upgrade their blocks from the ones 20 years ago!  PS the samples are my birthday present to my wonderful Sister-In-Law this year!!!  Her kitty and puppy 🙂

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House Warming Gift Ideas

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, spring brings lots of adorable babies. But if we’re being honest, they also come with a lot of extra stuff that takes a lot of extra room. They need cribs, diapers, toys – the list just keeps going. We have found during our time of making baby blocks, that the gifts are most often returned by the post office within the first 3 months of the little one arriving since people tend to move houses to make room for the extras. Even we moved 6 months after LeeLoo came home with us. With all of this in mind, we feel that something special is needed to commemorate the family’s new abode. By tweaking a couple of our products, we have come up with the perfect housewarming gifts. And let’s face it: after the baby comes, mom and dad lose a lot of the attention.

The first product we tweaked was the family name coaster. Now, you can order it with the family name in the center and the address around the edges rather than the names of the family members.




We also have the bubble frame. With this, you can have the name of the family put on the front, then sneak over to snap a picture of the new house so you have a picture to put in it! Imagine how elated they will be when they see the amount of thought and work you put into what could have been a simple gift.

The last product we have is actually a block design that a customer had us create. On the top, the family’s initial is encircled by their new address. The front has their family name along with the first name of each member listed below it. The next side has a compass rose with the GPS coordinates of the house, (a cool website to use for obtaining coordinates is notated on the order form). On the third side, the established month and year are printed above a picture of a house, and there is a blessing for the house on the fourth side. Of course, we stuck to our tradition to let you place who it is from on the bottom. This block is probably my favorite, and, being the geeky nerd, I love the incorporation of the coordinates. It’s a mathematical secret formula!

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Spring & Easter

Spring is the season of birth and renewal, making it a special time for religious holidays and private family holidays. With the beginning of April now upon us, we are busy decorating our house for Easter! Our favorite Holiday Blocks are front and center in the living room, giving a warm Hoppy Easter to all those who enter, and LeeLoo’s Baby’s First Easter Block is just beside them.

These baby blocks are perfect for commemorating the little one’s first Easter! Complete with images of a cross, an Easter bunny, and a basket filled with eggs, the inscription of the date and the baby’s name make for an absolutely adorable gift to add to their first Easter basket – plus, the block comes in color or our standard engraved if you prefer!

To add some additional spring colors to our house, we love to do the traditional decoration of Easter eggs. We found our favorite way on Pinterest, and it makes the annoying egg cracks useful! Rather than being extremely careful to not crack the egg shells, you gently crack them from the get-go so you don’t have to worry about it later. Plus, when you peel off the shell, the egg has an awesome marble design! We love to spice up holiday traditions – I think this year LeeLoo will be trying an egg dye that involves shaving cream since she has some left over from the slime recipe she found. Looking at it, I often wonder if kids are just as addicted to Pinterest as their moms!

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A New Member in the Family!!!!!!

— Block Family That Is! 🙂

March also brings spring with it (finally!) which means BABY SEASON is upon us. Not just for animals, but also for us humans! Although, with cute babies coming there is also the pressure of gifts, but thankfully our number one best seller is the Personalized Baby Block. At the shop, we often hear about heated debates on who in a friend group gets the first shot at sending a block. But this year, you can be the first to give a color block with our new upgraded baby block! This project has been in the works for about a year, and we’re now able to show it to you. The blocks are the same as our standard ones, only they now come in color. A poly-whey finish is used instead of beeswax, and rather than being engraved, they are printed – which means it’s all still kid safe! So when those babies start toddling around, they won’t be in harm’s way if they get a hold of their colorful block.


Until next time, Keep It Craft E!